What is the power of iPhone wireless charging?

发布于: 2022-02-22 17:28

What is the power of iPhoneX/12/13 wireless charging? Does Hien Wireless Charger support 7.5W charge?

After the official version of ios15.3 was released, Apple quietly replaced the "free software update to be released later this year" with the Qi wireless technology. Provide safe and fast charging with up to 7.5 watts of charging power.

Hien iPhone8/8P/X Wireless Charger can support 7.5W Fast charging

Since the launch of the iPhone 8 series, Hain has introduced a number of wireless chargers that match Apple's iPhone 8/8P/X wireless charging capabilities. Among them, Hain HE-WT16 is specially designed for Apple's IOS 15.3 7.5W wireless fast charging features, a single chip to achieve 7.5W, higher integration, making wireless charging faster and safer.

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