• 27/07/2023
    New product USB wall socket PCBA,can be customized according to customer size,welcome to consult!
  • 02/03/2022
    How to know if your phone is Wireless charging compatible?The latest Wireless Compatible Mobile phones
  • 11/12/2021
    At present, there are two main installation methods of furniture pre installed desktop embedded wireless charger on the market. One is to clip in from the front of the desktop http://www.hienpower.cn/product/detail/124.html In this way, the wireless charging cannot be completely on the same plane as the desktop, and the desktop cleaning is relatively troublesome.The other is a long-distance wireless charger. This general charging distance can reach about 8-30mm (Haiyi intelligent will launch relevant products in the later stage). However, the charging effect is worse than that in close distance, with large heating, relatively low efficiency, and much higher cost than that in close distance.In order to solve the above problems, Hien Technology Co., Ltd. has finally completed the design of non remote desktop embedded wireless charger D02 after nearly one year of R & D and te...
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