How to know if your phone is Wireless charging compatible?

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How to know if your phone is Wireless charging compatible?The latest Wireless Compatible Mobile phones

Wireless charging is a hot topic in the mobile phone industry this year. The latest release of Apple Huawei's Xiaomi flagship aircraft is equipped with a wireless charging function. This trend has led users to misbelieve that wireless charging is a new technology that has only recently emerged, but it is not. Nokia announced wireless charging phones six years ago, and other manufacturers have been involved in the process. So far, there have been 100 models with wireless charging capabilities. So how do you check if your phone can be recharged wirelessly?

    一:Use wireless charger test the phone. This is the simplest and most direct way to put the phone on a wireless charger. If the display is charged, it means wireless charging, otherwise it is not supported. The test is because current wireless charging phones and chargers are compatible with the QI protocol and can be charged on call.

  • 二:Check the mobile phone manual. If you still keep the instructions of your phone, or if you have instructions for use inside your phone, you can see if the phone has a wireless charging feature in the function parameter.



  • 三:The latest Wireless Rechargeable Mobile phone. If the above two methods are not convenient, can take a look at the following list of the latest wireless charging phones, basically covering all the new and old brand models, their own mobile phone support a quick look.


List of mobile phones that support wireless charging:


  1. Apple:iPhone8、iPhone8 Plus、iPhone X
  2. Huawei:Mate RS(Porsche Edition)
  3. Xiaomi:Mix2S、Xiaomi 7(Coming soon)
  4. Hammer:Nut R1
  5. Samsung:Note5/6/7/8、S6/7/8/9 Edge+
  6. Nokia:Lumia820/830/920/925/928/929/930/1020/1520
  7. LG:G2/3/6+、V30、V30S
  8. HTC:HTC 8X(America edition)、Droid NDA(America edition)
  9. Google:NEXUS4/5/6/7
  10. Gionee :M7 Plus
  11. ASUS:PadFone S
  12. Sony:Xperia Z3v、Xperia Z4v、Xperia XZ2
  13. ZTE:T84、T85



    Of course, more flagship phones, such as the popular Xiaomi 7 and Huawei P11, will be added to the wireless charging list. It should be explained that the mobile phone without wireless charging function can also be implemented by adding a wireless charging module to realize the wireless charging function.
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