Xiaomi to launch wireless charging alliance to empower mobile life

发布于: 2022-03-09 15:36

Xiaomi to launch wireless charging alliance to empower mobile life


BEIJING - Chinese tech giant Xiaomi will launch a wireless charging alliance to work with cross-sector partners to promote the technology, the company announced Monday.


The alliance aims to promote full coverage of daily life scenarios by wireless charging products, enabling a more convenient mobile life in the 5G era.


The smart device maker also unveiled a 30W fast wireless charging device with high power reverse-charging capabilities, which can charge one's 4,000 mAh battery from zero to 50 percent in about 25 minutes and 100 percent in 69 minutes.


An even higher-powered 40W Xiaomi high-efficiency wireless flash charging technology is already in the beginning phase of testing, the company said.


Xiaomi has stepped up investment in this field in recent years, introducing its first smartphone capable of wireless charging last March.


The company's upcoming smartphone Mi9 Pro 5G will support four types of charging, including wired fast charging, wireless flash charging, wired OTG reverse charging and wireless reverse charging.


A growing number of Chinese smartphone and smart device makers have become members of the global wireless charging alliance Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) to receive certain certifications.


It is estimated that there will be 1 billion wireless charging receivers and 400 million transmitters by 2020, and the numbers might almost double in 2025, the WPC estimated.

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